Friday, 26 February 2021

Wananga Reflection

For our Wananga, we our told to update our Mihi. Things we want to achieve this year. I told them not to get not achieved this year because I need credits specially I'm in year 11 now.

ESOL - Lost In The Mountains

In our ESOL class, we had a student teacher teaching us. The student teacher taught us some things about him. And for our first class with him, we have to write an essay for about 250 words. Our topic is "What three items would be best to have if you were lost in the mountains in New Zealand in winter, and why?". We had about 30 minutes to write it and we can also do it at home but its not necessary.

My essay.

Have you ever thought about getting lost in a mountain during winter? And then plan what things you would do in order to survive. If I’m ever going to be lost in a mountain, the three best items that I would think to bring are axe, lighter, and a tent. I know that you already know that people need heat whenever they get cold. So lighter would be a big help for your survival in the mountain. In order to produce fire, you only need a pile of woods and a cause of fire which is a lighter that I will bring. You can also cook foods with fire, it makes you warm and the source of light during the night time. The second thing I would bring is an axe, because how can you start a fire without woods. I’ll choose axe instead of a hatchet because I think axe is much safer than a hatchet because I don’t have any idea on how to use axe or hatchet because if I use a hatchet, I might accidentally cut my hand or fingers. You can also use an axe to cut woods and if you’re quite good at hunting, you can hunt animals and eat them. And the last thing that I would bring is a tent. I would bring a tent because I won’t know until when I’m going to be lost. So you can call your tent as your temporary shelter while you’re on the mountains. You can also sleep there every night so you don’t have to worry about the cold breeze or animals that may attack you while you sleep. So in the end, I would bring an axe, tent and a lighter because I think they make the best combination in survival.

Thursday, 11 February 2021

ESOL - Learning About Blogging

For ESOl, we have been told to make a blog post about the strategy that the teacher told us to do. We've been learning about 321 RIQ technique. In this blog, I'm going to write about the strategy the teacher taught us.

3 Recalls - 3 things I remembered about the lesson

2 Insights - 2 new things I learnt in this lesson

1 Question - 1 question I have about something I didn't understand or still want to know more about.

So far, what we've been doing is that we introduce our name in front of everyone. It happened in our first ESOL class. For the second lesson, we've been told to write about ourselves for the teacher to know us better. In the third that, the teacher wasn't that satisfied on how long the paragraphs we made, so she made us some questions and we have to answer them. She told us that we have to right at least 200 words in total. That's what happened in our first 3 ESOL lessons.  (3 recalls)

What I also learned in this lesson is that I learned her name and where she came from. She was already teaching students in the other part of New Zealand and just moved here. So, she's been learning on how  blogging and the school works. Another thing that I learned is that I now know how to write 200+ words in one hour. It helped me because I also need it for my other subjects as well, not just in ESOL.  (2 insights)

What I want to know more about is that what topic are we gonna study about for this year. I'm a little interested to know them.(1 question)

Tuesday, 8 December 2020


In health, we are learning about diseases. For this, me and my partner chose asthma for our assessment. For our assessment, we have to make a presentation or activities we want to do to show our research about asthma. We did a poster and a lung drawing for our presentation in digital because it will look better than paper art. This task was quite hard when we wrote the letters in our poster because it is hard to edit the text. But what I liked about our poster is that the lungs looks good and the colours is soothing. I think, what I need to improve on next time is try to make our poster more accurate and prettier.  

Santa Claus History

 For social studies, we're studying about santa claus's history. We have to make a blog post about things we learned about him.

1. Santa was originated from saint Nicholas.

2. Santa's clothes were green before, not red.

3. Saint Nicholas day is celebrated in December 6.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Unfair Trade - Chocolate Industry: Haurora

For ESOL, we're learning about chocolate industry. As we explore deeper in our topic, we found out that chocolate's are made from cocoas. But cocoas are grown by children and they get trafficked. This applies to many different industries too, not just chocolate. Children are getting trafficked but the problem is that it haven't been solved for a long time. Many chocolate factories use children in cacao plantations. So are task is how trafficked children lives in cacao plantation affect their wellbeing.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Persuasive Writing - Should the death penalty be reinstated?

 LO: We are learning to express our views on a topical issues using 'Write That Essay' sentences.

For this blog post, we have to write another persuasive writing. This time we have to write on the opposite side of the issue. 

1. The W-Start Sentence - When someone did a crime, they have to pay for it even if it means their lives.

2. The -Ed Start - Killed victims deserve justice by killing the killer. 

3. The -Ing Start - Reinstating death penalty should be legal.